2021 Cruise 55 Reunion

THIS IS FOR CRUISE ONLY RESPONDENTS, I am trying to find a volunteer to handle 2021 (55th Reunion) to Biltmore or similar, If you or someone you know will chair this, contact me at RKemner@aol.com. I will help in this regard: 1) I will make the person a co-administrator to this web site. 2) I will teach the basics like how to send out emails to all classmates and guests, how to create a survey, etc.. 3) As the person learns, I will do the emailing and surveys. 

Cruise Alumni: I have already spoke to two cruise lines about a group rate. They assure me we will get a great reduction in price if we book at least 20 cabins. I have already spoken to about a dozen alumni to get their opinions. Most if not all think 7 night cruise is too much and 2 or 3 night is too short. However, I am including the choices in the survey. There are three ports to consider in Florida: Miami, Tampa and Canaveral. Many were excited to hear Havana, Cuba, was a destination. Only 2 ports cruise to Cuba: Miami and Canaveral. Howver Canaveral only has 4 Day 3 night cruises. Miami has 4 Day 3 Night and 5 Day 3 night Cruises.The most problematic thing is the date or month of the cruise. Some important facts: Easter is Sunday, April 4, 2019, the week before and week after will have a lot of passengers due to Spring break. September is a big hurricane season.

NOTE: This will be easy to set up. Cruiseline will give us a toll free number with a code; example Miami High 55th Reunion, Once we agree on when where and how, we will get pricining for all cabins: inside, outside and suites. Also, we can arrange payments over a long period of time. This will be great for those of us on a monthly budget. After I set this all up and send out the above, my work is done except for me to make the call for my wife and I. We may need a few people to hand out name tags.

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1)   * Cruise Length: Choose 3 Day 2 Night, 4 Day 3 Night, 5 Day 4 Night, 7 Day 6 Night

  3 Day 2 Night Cruise
  4 Day 3 Night Cruise
  5 Day 4 Night Cruise
  7 Day 6 Night Cruise
2)   Choose Port: Miami, Tampa or Canaveral

  Port Miami
  Port Tampa
  Po Canaveral
3)   Choose Destinations: Havana, Western Caribbean, Eastern Caribbean

  Havana, Key West and Great Stirrup Cay
  Western Caribbean
  Eastern Caribbean
4)   What Month To Cruise

  I'll Go Anytime