Jamboree 2019 in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee

Bill Eades asked me to look into alternating Jamborees between Chattanooga and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in the Smoky Mountains. I am sending this to find who is interested. I am listing two summer dates and two fall dates Bill is looking at. We are also considering playing golf at a great golf course. Now, the fall months are more popular around here because the leaves changing here are awesome colors. Also, there are litterally hundreds of attractions including Hatfield and McOys Dinner Show, Dollywood and Dixie Syampede Dinner Show. This area has the most visited National Park in the USA.

Charlie Kemner, RKemner@aol.com

BillEades, MHSFile@yahoo.com

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1)   Which Summer Month Do You Prefer

  June 26-27, 2019
  July 24-25, 2019
2)   Which Winter Month Do You Prefer

  October 22-23, 2019
  November 5-6, 2019
3)   Interested in Playing Golf

Yes No
4)   There is also River Cruise and Train Ride available in nearby Knoxville, TN as well as Show mentioned above. Tell us what you would like to do.