After 55th Reunion Survey

Dear Class of 1966,

The only event so far for our 55th reunion is a cruise May 9-14.

Our current website subscription through classcreator, our hosted web site,  goes through 06/16/2021 

Our domain name is with is  paid for through 3/21/22.

Class creator is offering a fall discount for extending longer past 6/16/2021

We have a little over $600 in our 50 year reunnion account. The poll question is do we want to continue the web site? It will shut down following our 55th reunion cruise. (That means we cannot add pictures nor post anymore) We do have the funds. However, we can also do other things with the money like offer gifts and prize on the cruise. Offer one scholarship for the cruise. Donate to the alumni association.

Class of 1964 had their 55th. The attendance was half of 50th reunion. They have decided to have their reunions in Sebring during the Jamboree in late January each year.

I have no preference. I am open to anything. Just want your opinion.

One more thing about the cruise. I will be sending out the names of those registered. The idea of booking early was so one could make small payments over many months instead of one big payment. I am doing that. If you have not already booked and want to book, please see "Booking Cruise Cabin May 9-14 2021" on our web site menu.

Charlie Kemner

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1)   * Do you want to Continue the Web Site after 55th or Use or Donate the Money We have left Over from 50th Reunion?

  Continue Web Site
  Donate or Use the Money Else Where. (If this wins, I will ask in another survey where)