55th Reunion New Survey

Dear Class of 1966 Miami High,

I hope this find everyone safe and healthy, Due to the Coronavirus, it appears to be imprudent to take a cruise for our 55th Reunion. I will still put up that option just in case. Accoeding to a lot of replies lately, I do not think it will fly. That leaves us with very few choices. We do not have the time nor the volunteers to do anything like Biltmore. The easiest solution is to join in the all classes of Miami High Jubilee in Sebring January 29-30, 2021. There is a golf tournament at 1 PM Friday January 29. Last year we had about a dozen players from te class of 1966. There is an Athletes, Cheerleaders, Band, Orchestra, Majorettes & Flagettes dinner following at the golf course restaurant. We could eke out a special area for our class. Saturdays functions at the Jubilee would be optional. However, the Saturday night dinner and dance with a DJ is a gas. Many might enjoy it. Another option would be a different Sebring Restaurant. Of course there is the option of not having a 55 year reunion. I am open for any other suggestions. Just know, I do not have the time nor energy for anything requiring any work. It would have to be some other volunteer. With that said I will attend anything by the grace of God.

Okay, I am making this survey simple, There is a comment section at the end. Please take the survey as soon as you receive it. There is not much time left, For further information on Sebring, click on the menu button, "Jubilee in Sebring 2021,"

Charlie Kemner, AKA Pastor Buddy

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